Waterborne Radon Reduction – Norwalk, Connecticut

Waterborne Radon Reduction Systems for Norwalk, Connecticut

When you find your Norwalk, Connecticut home has need of a waterborne radon reduction system, it is important to hire a qualified radon mitigation company for the job. Radon mitigation for waterborne radon in Norwalk, Connecticut requires not only local licensing, but certification and experience with the systems, and the ability to successfully complete the electrical, plumbing, and ventilation tasks to correctly install the system.

Why Test the Water for Waterborne Radon Contamination?

Waterborne Radon NorwalkEven if your air quality does not show dangerous radon levels, radon can enter your Norwalk, Connecticut home via well water when the underground source contacts radon-contaminated soil. Radon is a radioactive gas, found in the soil naturally throughout the U.S., but more commonly in the northeastern states. When trapped indoors via air or water, radon can adversely affect your family’s health.

A good radon mitigation specialist will perform several water analysis tests before determining which waterborne radon reduction system is best for the home. The size and location of the system will depend on water flow rate, as well as plumbing, electrical, and ventilation considerations according to your Norwalk, Connecticut home’s layout. The correct waterborne radon reduction system will depend on the level of radon in the water, and whether other contaminants will adversely affect the performance of a system, requiring pretreatment.

You’ll want the assurance that the radon mitigation contractor you hire will have the best equipment for testing water, as well as the latest technology for treating waterborne radon, and the experience to install it correctly. Consider our company for these services. You’ll find we are radon licensed and certified, meeting all of the above criteria as well as meeting EPA standards for your Norwalk, Connecticut home.