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Thursday, February 7, 2013 @ 03:02 PM
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The Need for Radon Mitigation in Schools in Norwalk

Radon Mitigation in Schools in NorwalkRecent tragedies have opened up America’s eyes about safety and concern in regard to our public school system. Norwalk, CT residents realize how close to home some of these tragedies are, and we are all deeply saddened. When it comes to the safety and health of our children, and so many whom are involved in the education system, we need to do all that we can to ensure that everyone is in a safe learning environment.

Radon mitigation in schools is the next step in preventing students, teachers, and faculty in the Norwalk, CT school system from being diagnosed with lung cancer. More than one out of seven cases of lung cancer are due to radon gas, equating to more than 20,000 deaths per year because of radon gas. Now is the time in which we can all step up, and ensure that our children are safe with radon mitigation in schools.

Why Radon Mitigation in Schools

Radon affects about one in every five schools. This is higher in contrast to radon affecting one in every fifteen homes. Norwalk residents should still be concerned about radon in their home, as even though the probability is slightly lower, the danger of radon gas is so great. More than 70,000 schools have at least one classroom with high levels of radon gas, which is simply not acceptable.

Radon forms from the uranium which is naturally occurring in soil. As uranium breaks down, radon gas is formed. As one of the most dense gases, radon is hard to destroy, and may enter through the smallest of spaces, such as your foundation. Once radon has entered a school building in Norwalk, it can only increase in concentration as it builds up, and more and more radon gas enters.

Radon mitigation in schools in Norwalk, CT would help us reduce the amounts of radon gas in schools, and help us ensure that our schools are safe learning environments for all children. In addition to so many young people, you have to take into account all of the teachers and faculty which are affected by this awful gas on a daily basis. Teachers are forced to inhale this gas everyday if their school has high levels of radon gas, and no action is taken.

Currently, a bill is being proposed which could change all of this. This bill is proposing radon mitigation in schools. This would work by having grant funded radon testing, and those schools with high levels of radon would receive further grant funding. This further grant funding would go towards radon mitigation in schools in Norwalk, and nationwide. This would provide the safety our schools need without having to sacrifice valuable funding which goes toward educating our future leaders. Voice your concerns about radon mitigation in schools by contacting your local politician and help garner their support for radon mitigation in schools.