Radon Gas Mitigation in Norwalk, CT

Friday, November 30, 2012 @ 08:11 PM
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Norwalk Residents Face Rising Risk of Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer and Radon Gas MitigationWe often assume that if we do not smoke, then we will not have to face the risk of lung cancer. This is becoming to be more and more of a false statement as new studies show a heavy link to radon gas, and lung cancer. Whether or not you have smoked in your entire life, radon gas is wrecking havoc on the health of many in Norwalk. It is a true tragedy to take such good care of your body for your entire life, and then only to find that you are diagnosed with the same lung cancer as those who may have smoked so many cigarettes.

Imagine this scenario as well. What if someone you know who smokes tons of cigarettes never gets lung cancer, and a nonsmoker is diagnosed? So how does all of this work, and where is the research backing this possibility? Studies have found that approximately 16% of all lung cancer cases are caused by radon gas. Although research has also confirmed the link of radon gas and lung cancer, it may be easy to think of it this way: Radon gas is radioactive, and we know that radiation causes cancer, therefore radon gas causes cancer.

Radon Gas Mitigation in Norwalk

The choice is simple for you and your family. You may put yourself and your family in harms’ way at the risk of lung cancer, or you may seek a professional to provide radon gas mitigation on your Norwalk home to dramatically reduce the levels, and make your home a place where guests are welcome again. Radon gas is colorless and odorless meaning that there is no way to know that your Norwalk, Connecticut home may be infested with this cancer causing gas.

Roughly 20,000 people die each year because of radon gas, meaning that radon gas mitigation is extremely important for the health of you and everyone else in your Norwalk home. The radon gas often forms in the soil beneath your home, and makes it way inside through the foundation. Working like a vacuum, the concentration of radon gas may reach extreme levels. Can you imagine living in a home that gives off massive amounts of radiation? Without radon gas mitigation, that is essentially what you could be doing to your body.

S.W.A.T. Environmental has the proven techniques, and technology to reduce the levels of radon gas in your Norwalk home by as much as 99%. Having S.W.A.T. Environmental test your home for radon gas will give you a quick and accurate result to know just how dangerous your Norwalk home may be. If the levels are dangerous, a radon gas mitigation system may be necessary. Do not become a statistic, or a nonsmoker who is diagnosed with lung cancer. Be proactive of your life and lifestyle by having a professional remove this radioactive gas from your home.

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