Norwalk, CT Air Quality Awareness

Friday, October 26, 2012 @ 02:10 PM
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Air Quality in Norwalk, CT

Connecticut Indoor Air QualityAir quality is a major concern for the majority of the United States. Depending on where you live, you may be more susceptible to the effects of poor air quality. Norwalk residents need to take caution when dealing with their home and harmful vapors such as radon gas. On top of the four areas the air quality index measures, there are harmful vapors such as radon that are not even included in this index.

With October being air quality awareness month, we would like to provide you with information about harmful gases and particles, and their known health effects. First off, air pollution effects nearly everyone. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, have a child, have an elderly relative or are older yourself, or simply do exercise outdoors, you may be at a higher health risk. Children’s lungs may still be developing, elderly people may have preexisting lung deficiencies or illnesses, and outdoor activities, or exercise may result in continual deep breathing of harmful air.

Health Effects of Poor Air Quality in Norwalk, CT

Now that you know nearly everyone in Norwalk, CT is at a potential health risk because of poor health quality, it is important to know what these health risks may be. Shortness of breath, or tightness in the chest may occur from just short term exposure. Lung function may decrease, and you may be more likely to have infection because of the damage to white blood cells in your lungs. Some damage may be permanent. While these are health risks associated with poor air quality in Norwalk, do not forget that 20,000 people die each year from lung cancer caused by radon gas.

Air Quality Index and Purification Systems

The EPA has created an air quality index to have a better idea of the total air quality in cities across the nation. The scale goes from 0 to 500, but anything above level 50 indicates a potential health risk due to poor air quality. Did you know that over the course of a year, we may see some locations spike with levels above 300, indicating that everyone in the vicinity may experience negative health effects, and that the EPA has deemed the air quality as hazardous? Norwalk residents should keep a close eye on their air quality index to determine whether or not the quality is suitable for outdoor activities.

When hearing the alarming news of health risks and the poor air quality in a number of locations, Norwalk residents should not forget about radon gas, and its own ability to cause death and lung damage. If you are concerned about the health of yourself and your family, I would highly recommend on calling a professional to install an air purification system in your Norwalk home. An air purification system can reduce the number of unhealthy contaminants in your air, and allow you to breath clean air again. Be careful, and do not take risks when it comes to your family’s safety in regard to air quality.

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