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Tuesday, January 10, 2012 @ 06:01 PM
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Is Your Norwalk, Connecticut Home Safe From Radon?

National Radon Action Month NorwalkDid you know that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has chosen January as National Radon Action Month? Do you know why? The EPA wants to increase awareness about the deadly nature of this radioactive gas that can find its way into Norwalk homes as well as those homes located in other areas of the country. During the cooler months of the year, people tend to spend more time indoors, increasing the amount of time that they may be exposed to this gas. National Radon Action Month has been created to raise awareness of the possibility for certain residents to experience radon contamination in their homes.

A known carcinogen that causes non-small cell lung cancer, radon is odorless, tasteless, and colorless. If it is present in your home, the only way to find out is to obtain a radon test kit and have it tested. Radon occurs when the break down of uranium begins. Uranium is found below the earth’s surface, and this is where radon begins its journey. As more and more of the gas is built up, it travels along fissures in the ground until it reaches an exit point. Typically, this exit point happens to be someone’s home or the open air. Once this radioactive gas enters your Norwalk home, it contaminates the air that you breathe and puts you at risk of developing lung cancer. Only radon mitigation strategies can properly remove this contaminant from your home.

What Norwalk Area Residents Need to Know about Radon Action

Norwalk area residents should find out as much as they can about radon, because their homes have a greater chance of contamination due to their location. When your Norwalk home is tested for radon, if the levels are above 4.0 pci/L, then the recommendation is to arrange for radon mitigation procedures. It is estimated that radon contamination causes 20,000 people to die from lung cancer each year.

It’s important to realize that the levels of radon in your home can vary from month to month or year to year. Therefore, it is important to have your Norwalk home tested at least once, if not twice, a year. If radon mitigation is necessary, it is important to hire a certified technician with the expertise needed to conduct a good job.

It’s National Radon Action Month! Take Action and Have Your Norwalk Area Home Tested by SWAT

National Radon Action Month is the time to take action and have your Norwalk area home tested by SWAT, the largest radon gas mitigator in the country. Offering a nationwide presence, SWAT staffs a greater number of certified technicians than any other mitigation company in the area. Now that it is January and in recognition of National Radon Action Month, SWAT is offering discounts to Norwalk residents on the prices for radon mitigation strategies.