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Thursday, December 8, 2011 @ 04:12 PM
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Is Your Norwalk Connecticut Home Safe From Radon and Vapor Intrusion?

Vapor Intrusion NorwalkBuildings located in Norwalk, Connecticut are at greater risk of vapor intrusion than many other areas of the country, exposing their inhabitants to a radioactive gas that is a known carcinogen. What is vapor intrusion and how does it get into your home of office building?

Vapor intrusion occurs when radon, a radioactive gas, finds its way into your building by following along cracks and fissures in the ground. Since it follows the path of least resistance, this noxious gas often finds its way into your home. The atmospheric pressure between the ground and a building varies so greatly that the building almost seems to suck radon vapors right into it. The building’s ventilation and other atmospheric circumstances influence the level of vapor intrusion, along with the number of cracks and fissures located directly beneath the building.

What exactly is radon? It’s a colorless and odorless gas that is formed when uranium breaks down. Uranium is found deep below the earth’s surface in many areas of the country, including Norwalk, Connecticut. It’s been determined that this radioactive gas is carcinogenic and can lead to the development of lung cancer.

Radon Vapor Intrusion in Norwalk, Connecticut

How exactly do you know that radon has entered your home or business building? Since this gas isn’t visible and you can’t smell it, the only way to know that vapor intrusion has occurred is to bring in a radon mitigation company to test for it. They have the equipment needed to conduct vapor intrusion testing and the experience needed to alert you that your levels are safe or dangerous.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, any reading for vapor intrusion that exceeds 4 pCI/L (picocuries per liter) isn’t safe. If your reading turns out to exceed the safe level for radon vapor intrusion, you will be advised to incorporate radon mitigation strategies into your building in order to lower the levels of radon.

Hire a Local Norwalk Connecticut Radon Mitigation Company

While several methods of radon mitigation exist, the active soil depressurization method is considered the most effective. This method changes the existing pressure difference between your building and the ground, eliminating the path of least resistance that has led radon right to your doorstep. Finding a company that is qualified to put radon mitigation systems in place is the best way to handle vapor intrusion.

Finding qualified radon mitigation and vapor intrusion specialists in Norwalk, Connecticut is easy if you know what to look for a company. Look for a radon mitigation specialist that has been in the business for a while. You’ll want to find one that works specifically in Norwalk, Connecticut and its surrounding communities. Plus, since the active soil depressurization method of radon mitigation is the best choice, select a company that uses this particular method to deal with vapor intrusion.